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Equipotential Bonding - Hydrovac

Coming soon - September 2017 - Updated - With continued industry feedback and requests, we have expanded the scope, to be even more comprehensive. Although it is taking longer than originally planned, we are excited about delivering a very interactive, engaging product.  If you need training right away, give us a call at 403-650-0413 and we can accommodate with live sessions either in-person or online.

Hydrovac operators working around high voltage lines can be exposed to dangerous shock hazards in the event of electric faults and contacts. Unfortunately, some incidents have resulted in fatalities.

DETAC's Equipotential Bonding for Hydrovac operations is an interactive exploration of electrical hazards and how they can be managed effectively. The course will cover working around underground or overhead high voltage lines, or in areas where static electricity could ignite flammable vapors. The goal is to help operators understand the principles so they can apply the right types of controls for the wide range of field situations.

Course content includes:

  • Overview of electricity basics
  • Understanding Step and Touch Potential
  • Bonding methods to protect workers and the public around energized underground and overhead power lines
  • Inspection and maintenance of bonding equipment
  • Job planning
  • Understanding static electricity
  • Bonding and Grounding methods to manage static build-up and discharge


  • Access any time
  • PC/Tablet compatible
  • Customizable for your organization

Course Requirements

High-speed InternetHigh-speed internet connection
Equipotential Bonding - Hydrovac
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