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Our 4 Step/4 Skill™ models help simplify programs and provide an effective Management Systems approach to engage organizations. The four simple steps are easy to apply and are supported by four skill areas that we can help you develop and grow. The model has been successfully applied to Competency, Training, Safety, Service Delivery Excellence and even running an entire business.


Our 4 Step/4 Skill™ process makes it easy and effective to implement a complete competency program, including online and live training, documentation and competency verification. The approach works for any business function.

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Safety Programs can become very complex in order to meet regulatory, corporate and client requirements. Our 4 Step/4 Skill™ process helps make safety simple again. We have integrated the Management System approach into a complete, customizable safety program that includes documentation, online safety orientation, on-the-job training and competency verification for all levels in the organization.

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Other Business Functions

The 4 Step/4 Skill™ model is easily adapted to any type of business and any function. The method can be used to assess the current state and identify ways to simplify and strengthen business processes. Combined with our competency and training program, you will achieve high quality, sustainable results.