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Bonding and Grounding for Vacuum and Fluids Trucks


Working on oil and gas sites, you are often dealing with flammable areas where it is important to manage the possibility of sparking caused by static electricity. (If you are a site operator, consider our full course, "Bonding and Grounding for OIl and Gas Sites" which includes and additional module on shock hazards from temporary power systems.)

DETAC's course to Manage Electrical Hazards With Effective Bonding and Grounding is a practical approach for understanding and controlling the hazards, using realistic scenarios based on actual events.  The material draws upon extensive field and engineering experience to explore typical situations you will face and practical options to consider for effective hazard management. The course is designed in short, engaging modules with the flexibility of completing on PC's and tablets.

(If you are a site operator where you may also need to manage shock hazards associated with the temporary power systems on site, consider the full course "Bonding and Grounding for Oil & Gas Operations".)


  • PC, Tablet compatible
  • Start and stop training at your convenience
  • Printable certificate and Digital Badge
  • 24/7 365 access to online training
  • Printable resource for easy reference

Course content includes:

  • A downloadable Bonding and Grounding Guide to provide a resource during and after the course.
  • Electrical Basics - to provide a basic understanding of electricity in simple terms.
  • Oil and Gas Static - to help understand the hazards and controls using practical field-based scenarios.
  • Final Exam - to help reinforce your knowledge.
  • This course will take roughly 1 hour to complete

Course Requirements

High-speed internet connection
Adobe PDF Reader
Bonding and Grounding for Vacuum and Fluids Trucks
$139.00 CAD

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This course comes with:


Digital Badge and Printable Certificate