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Our Equipotential Bonding and Grounding Program enables contractors and utility workers to easily meet utility equipotential bonding requirements with a flexible, scalable, blended training solution that develops well-trained, competent workers who understand why equipotential works and how to apply it safely and efficiently.  

We understand how equipotential methods can seem complicated and we have extensive experience developing and implementing practical programs.

How do I Start?:

Purchase the eLearning Fundamentals course to provide a solid foundation for all workers and supervisors who need to apply and monitor equipotential methods. If you need a full solution or something specifically aligned for your organization, contact us at  and we can assess your needs and propose a solution that fits.

Course Includes:

  • Download (pdf) - Learner Reference Guide for easy reference
  • Module 1: Establish Fundamentals
  • Module 2: Explore Common Practices
  • Module 3: Identify Electrical Hazards
  • Module 4: Learn a Simple Job Planning Process
  • Module 5: Practice How to Apply Equipotential Bonding and Grounding On-the-Job
  • Module 6: Knowledge Check and Certification
  • Basic Support: Company representatative can get general clarifying questions answered. Technical support for online delivery for all learners is always available.


Less time away from the job - the online program can fit into workers' schedules and be delivered anywhere there is an internet connection. If live training sessions are needed as well, they can be shorter and more focused.

Standardized knowledge - eLearning brings workers to a common starting point for on-the-job learning and/or instructor lead sessions, making supervision/coaching/teamwork more effective.

Compliance - eLearning allows workers to understand common fundamentals, theory and skill standards before they start to work in an area, aligned with regulatory requirements.

Flexible - whether you just use the online course or need help with full field implementation and competency verification, we can adapt to your needs and budget with face-to-face and/or virtual support options.

Course Requirements

High-speed internet connection
Supports common up-to-date browser versions
Compatible with computers and most current mobile devices
Equipotential Bonding & Grounding: Electric Utility Workers
$189.00 CAD

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This course comes with:


Digital Badge and Printable Certificate