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Equipotential Bonding and Grounding for Electric Utility Workers: SaskPower Add-On

Course Requirements

The SaskPower Equipotential Bonding Add-On covers Work Rules and some of the specific requirements for equipment. The Add-On requires users to first complete "Equipotential Bonding and Grounding for Electric Utility Workers". This course item consists of several pdf downloads and one short set of questions.

The SaskPower Equipotential Bonding and Grounding Add-On Includes:

  1. PDF Download: Explain Bonding and Grounding Equipment
  2. Questions - Equipotential Bonding and Grounding Equipment
  3. PDF Download: Install and Maintain Equipotenial Grounds
  4. PDF Download: Transmission and Distribution Work Rules
  5. Sign-Off
Equipotential Bonding and Grounding: SaskPower Add-On
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