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Classroom Workshop Courses

Classroom workshops can be an alternative or supplement to our online course offerings.  All workshops are very interactive , working through practical situations you face in your organization. If you do not see the particular topics or focus you require, let us know and we can easily customize something for your needs. We also have access to an extensive network of experts to enable us to cover a wide range of topics. Some of our most common workshops are included below.

Pricing - each program is customized and the price is negotiated based on the scope.

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As part of our  4 Step/4 Skill™ Competency process, we provide a hands-on approach to teach Trainers and Leaders how to train employees effectively, covering:

  • assessing the training needs of individuals
  • beginning the training process, connecting to procedural requirements
  • moving to a coaching and supportive role
  • assessing competence and signing off
  • building trainer skills and behaviors for success
  • creating an organizational framework to support success and sustainability
The workshop design can integrate with existing business processes or introduce the 4 Step/4 Skill™ method to simplify the overall competency approach. Either way, we ensure Trainers and Leaders understand their respective role s for a successful program.

Competency Program

Developing a successful Competency Program in an organization can seem like a daunting task. We use our 4 Step/4 Skill™ approach to help simplify the overall process and make it practical and cost effective for organizations to make immediate changes. The workshop can include:

  • understanding the elements and characteristics of an effective competency and training program
  • quantifying what a Competency Program can mean for the success of your organization
  • how to simplify procedures and connect them directly to training and sign-off
  • understand how tools like Learning Management Systems (LMS) can effectively support the program  - we can provide a world class LMS for you or provide first-hand advice on what to look for and how to get the most from an LMS
  • understanding the leadership behaviors and actions necessary for success

Safety and Environmental Programs

With over two decades of experience running safety and environmental programs within organizations, we have have turned our focus at DETAC on how to  simplify programs with our 4 Step/4 Skill™ Safety Model.  The live workshops provide an interactive forum to examine existing successes and challenges and look at ways to simplify the program to be more successful:

  • understanding the 4 Step/4 Skill™ Model
  • examining the current state and how the HSE system can be streamlined
  • using practical examples and exercises to show how the approach works
  • selecting a small step that can be taken to test the new approach and examine the value
  • examining the leadership actions and behaviors to successfully support the program 

Electrical Safety (Bonding and Grounding)

One of the technical areas where we have unique experience is in the area of bonding and grounding practices to protect workers from electrical hazards. Preventable worker injuries and fatalities are still occurring in various industries because electrical bonding and grounding practices are not fully understood or applied. At DETAC, we have a strong commitment to improve the safety of workers and offer practical approaches to understand electrical hazards and how to use bonding and grounding to manage hazards effectively for various groups:

  • Hydrovac operators working around high voltage lines and in flammable areas
  • Oil and gas workers in flammable areas and working with on-site power sources
  •  Electric utility workers (distribution, transmission, substation)