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4 Steps 4 Skills Words

Simplifying Business Processes

Our unique 4 Step/4 Skill model for competency, safety and a variety of business functions makes these programs simple, understandable and effective.


Industry Experience

Our many years of varied industry experience allow us to adapt to customer environments faster, to develop practical solutions that really work.


Leveraging Technology

We use online learning to improve consistency, speed up training and leverage the time your experts need to spend training others - with the most cost effective model in the industry.


Lasting Results

We've demonstrated that the return on an investment in competency systems is successful programs with an active shelf life of up to ten years.

Competency Programs that Work


We partner with organizations to design and implement effective competency programs to:

  • Reduce Training Time & Costs
  • Achieve Consistency Across Multiple Locations/Geographies
  • Improve Safety and Operations
  • Build a Culture of Excellence

Our approach is to create effective programs that are Simple, Engaging and easy to Integrate  into your business. The simplicity is based on our unique 4 Step/4 SkillTM model that has been adapted to competency/training, safety and range of other business functions. The overall development process, along with type of training we create and the way trainers and management are involved,  is designed to get everyone engaged. With that common understanding and commitment, it becomes easy to integrate the new processes so they become “business as usual”.