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Equipotential Bonding and Grounding: Electric Utility Workers


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Improve Safety Culture and Working Efficiency 

The electric utility industry experiences many challenges with accidental energization of power lines, exposing workers to significant hazards. Effective training on equipotential bonding and grounding methods shouldn't be one of your challenges. You need trained operators who will be able to manage shock hazards for any situation. The course will provide a strong foundation of equipotential bonding and grounding using real-life scenarios and straight-forward explanations and interactions to tackle any job. The material draws upon extensive field and engineering experience to provide you with practical knowledge for effective hazard management. 

Don’t Let Safety Training Create Barriers To Work 

Get your people ready for the field without wasting time coordinating complicated training. Our course is designed to be delivered quickly, and integrate with your existing programs or compliment our Instructor-Led and Field Competency Check offerings. Gain the confidence that your operators are working safely and professionally, without incidents or worry.

Why So Many Trust This Program

  1. Makes technical topics simple and easy to understand
  2. Establishes fundamentals that can be applied to any situation
  3. Content is updated to reflect field application experiences
  4. Instructor-led and Field Skill Checks/Competency Verification available

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Course Outline

Module 1: Establish Fundamentals

Module 2: Explore Common Practices

Module 3: Identify Electrical Hazards

Module 4: Learn a Simple Job Planning Process

Module 5: Practice How to Apply Equipotential Bonding and Grounding On the Job

Module 6: Knowledge Check

Course Details
1 hour and 40 minutes
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