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Bonding and Grounding - Oil and Gas


Meeting Training Requirements and Get to Work!

The oil and gas industry experiences enough challenges, training shouldn't be one of them. You need trained operators who will be able to manage static electricity and shock hazards for every project. The course will cover understanding and controlling electric static and shock hazards using real life scenarios. The material draws upon extensive field and engineering experience to provide you with practical knowledge for effective hazard management.

Don't Let Safety Training Create Barriers To Work

Get your people ready for the field without wasting tine coordinating complicated training. Our course is designed to be delivered quickly and effectively, so you can get to work! Gain the confidence that your operators and contractors are working safely and professionally without incidents or worry.

Why So Many Trust This Program

  • Makes technical topics simple and easy to understand
  • Does not require additional resources to facilitate
  • Content is updated to reflect field application experiences
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Safety Courses

To be effective, safety training should be reinforced on the job. If you are not sure how to continue the training and verify competencies, check out these related courses:

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