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Equipotential Bonding for Hydrovac and Vacuum Operators


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Working around underground and overhead high voltage lines exposes workers to dangerous shock hazards, and vacuuming flammable materials exposes operators to static sparking hazards. This interactive course is designed to train your team to identify and mitigate the risks and know what to do in case of an incident. Based on practical field scenarios you will learn how to use the right bonding practices for any situation.

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Get your people ready for the field without wasting time coordinating complicated training. Our course is designed to be delivered quickly and effectively so you can get to site, and get to work! Gain the confidence that your operators are working safely and professionally, without incidents or worry. 

Course Outline

The Course provides a practical, interactive approach for understanding and controlling the hazards, using realistic scenarios based on actual situations and events. The material draws upon extensive field and engineering experience to explore typical situations you will face and practical options to consider for effective hazard management. Course Modules Include:

Bonding and Grounding Guide

A pdf download is provided that summarizes the course content and can be used for reference throughout the course, during the exam and later when you apply the concepts in the field.

Electrical Basics

Explains electricity in simple terms to provide a foundation for understanding the sources of electrical hazards for both Hydrovac and Vacuum/Fluid handling situations.

Oil and Gas Static

Learn how to identify sources of hazards and how to manage them, when vacuuming or transferring flammable fluids where static electricity could cause fires and explosions.

Hydrovac Operations Around Underground Power Lines

Provides practical scenarios where you need to set up mats and bonds to protect yourself from electrical shocks if the insulation on an underground power line fails while you are excavating.

Testing Your Knowledge

Questions are used throughout the course to reinforce your knowledge and there is a Final Exam with randomized questions to make sure you understand the concepts. 

This online course is equivalent to 2 hours of classroom training.

Expiry: 3 years

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2 hours
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